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Comprehensive list of synonyms for going to the toilet, by Macmillan Dictionary the problem of urinating during sleep piddle. verb. informal to urinate tinkle. noun. spoken an act of urinating. This word is used mainly by children or when.

Another name for urine (pee, potty, tinkle, piddle, piss, töpfchen, etc.).

'To flush a toilet' means to pull the lever so that it flushes away the human waste with a large How different are the three words of urinate, piss and pee in usage ? .. girls/women might say to tinkle (a childish term sometimes adopted by " proper" adult ladies) puppies piddle--usually in the wrong places!.

Answer the call of nature (or nature's call); Beating the piss out of the little guy Pee; Pwenk (very rare); Pee Pee; Piddle (considered a coarse Sprinkle my tinkle; Squeeze the lemon; Squirt; Squirt(ing) the dirt.