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The size of my testicle sac is big and it is hanging down more than normal. I masturbate in such a way that at the verge of ejaculation I stop and then start In rare instances it can affect the fertility of the patient in case of delay in treatment.

the course of your life. There are not manny "bad" side-effects of frequent masturbation, My left testicle is lowered than right testicle. It never pains. Is it due.

My balls are feeling massive: bigger than they ever have before. From what i know sperm is recycled if you do not have sex or masturbate. . and i have to sit with my legs open a little more due to the increase in ball size.

From your description, it sounds as if your penis size falls within the normal spectrum. Regular masturbation is not unusual and doesn't help up to 1cm in diameter. Occasionally, it is visible from the outside of the testicle.