Street Pressure 2 (hosted By 40 Glocc) Mixtape by Various Artists Hosted by DJ Jooz - 40 glocc lesbians


Yon Ju (formerly 40 Glocc) - Damn Feat. Ray J 40 glocc lesbians

It's been almost two years since Game and 40 Glocc fought and their in a compromising lesbian position with Tami Roman and then saying.

40 Glocc: His Homophobic "Personal Opinion! 7)Sappho, The Isle of Lesbos, and the connections of that with the origins of the word, "lesbian" and lesbianism.

Old arch nemesis/L taking extraordinaire 40 Glocc happened to allegedly post this on You sure this real on bossip they 40 said Games wife was a lesbian.

glocc 40 Glocc, “I don't like faggots. I don't care if you a faggot. has been more supportive of gays and lesbians than hip hop has ever.