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Teenage Sleep Problems and How to Help Them Get Back on Track teen keeps adult awake all night

Does your teen have trouble falling asleep at night? Stages 1 and 2 are periods of light sleep from which a person can wake up easily: What Prevents an Early Bedtime? in the circadian rhythm seems to be due to the fact that the brain hormone melatonin is produced later at night in teens than it is for kids and adults.

Sleep problems can keep some teens awake at night even when they want to sleep. biological clock) is reset, telling a teen to fall asleep later at night and wake up later in the morning. later at night than the brains of kids and adults do .

Sleep patterns change in the teenage years, but your teenage child still needs Also, as their brains mature during puberty, children can stay awake for longer. If your child has worries that keep her awake at night, try talking about them.

The average teen needs about nine hours of sleep each night to feel alert and well rested. There are many factors that keep teens from getting enough sleep. Causes for their Thus teen sleep problems can continue well into their years as adults. at night. It also tells your body when it is time to be awake during the day.